Centurion Anti-Theft Bracket D3/D5/EVO

Gate motors are increasingly targeted by criminals, leading to a surge in theft cases nationwide. Centurion Systems, the leading provider of gate automation and access control solutions in South Africa, recognizes the gravity of this issue.

To address the problem, Centurion Systems offers a comprehensive Theft-resistant Kit that includes the Theft-resistant Cage and Thumbwheel Guard. This kit is specifically designed to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to the gate operator and enhance its resistance against theft attempts. The Theft-resistant Cage acts as a protective enclosure, while the Thumbwheel Guard complements the Cage by thwarting a common criminal technique. By preventing the insertion of a screwdriver into the operator’s manual release access door, the Thumbwheel Guard ensures that unauthorized individuals cannot manipulate the thumbwheel to open the gate manually.

With Centurion Systems’ Theft-resistant Kit, you can significantly reduce the vulnerability of your gate motor to theft and enhance its overall security. Safeguard your property and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your gate automation system is well-protected against intruders.

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