Gate Motors

Gate motors are are often stolen and then are sold for quick cash. On websites such as OLX and Gumtree gate motors can cost anything from R1 500 to almost R4 000 second-hand. Stolen gate motors are either stripped down and its various components (batteries, gearboxes) are sold individually or they are sold as complete units. It is vital that your gate motor has an anti-theft bracket installed on it to prevent any occurrences of theft

Garage Doors

Garage doors can be manufactured from very expensive materials such as solid wood and aluminum therefore this makes it a target for thieves to steal and later sell for money or trade in for something valuable. The best way to prevent your garage door from being stolen is to ensure that it is initially installed correctly and that regular maintenance is being performed so that anything that is broken or not functioning correctly, can be repaired.

Electronic Devices and Appliances

Laptops, cellphones and electrical appliances: These are easy to transport and even easier to sell. Burglars gain quick access by breaking a window and taking appliances that are left charging near a window. TVs and other entertainment equipment are slightly more difficult to steal, but if there is an escape vehicle and there is more time (in the event of no alarm system), these will also be stolen. Invest in an alarm system and join an armed security company who can respond rapidly when your home is burgled.

Vehicles and Vehicle Parts

Vehicles are also stolen during housebreaks. When leave your house and decide to leave your car at home it is best to make sure that your car keys are locked away in a safe and are not left in the car or in an obvious place. It is essential to protect the perimeter of your property with an electric fence and to also do regular repairs and maintenance on your gates and gate motors to ensure that they do not malfunction which can increase the risk of a burglary.

For more information on how to keep your home safe and secure read our blog post on 4 ways to improve the security of your home or contact DM Security Systems for a free quote on garage and gate motor repairs, installation, automation and electric fencing.