Anti-theft Bracket

We understand that you should take every precaution necessary when it comes to the protection of you family. That is why we recommended getting an Anti-Theft Gate Motor Bracket to improve your home’s security. The bracket will prevent intruders from gaining access to the manual switch of your gate motor, making it more difficult for them to access your property. The other pro is it also prevents intruders from stealing your gate motor.

Gate Motor Maintenance and Repairs

When your gate stops working, not only is it a hassle but a major security risk. Leaving your vehicle to manually open or close your gate leaves you and your family incredibly vulnerable. It is essential that you repair your gate and perform regular maintenance on your gate motor to keep you and your family safe and to improve the overall; security of your home. DM Security Systems has an experienced team that conducts professional gate motor repairs on almost every brand.

Electric Fencing

Your perimeter is your first line of defense. DM Security Services has the best electric fencing solutions for you. We do electric fence installation, repairs and services. Keeping your fence in working order is important and often overlooked. Simple things like keeping bushes and trees trimmed back will help keep the wires in working order. However, when the unfortunate thing of shrubs breaking your fence, we are on and to repair your electric fence. Keeping your electric fence functional is important as this is your first line of defense against intruders. If your fence is no longer functional this could leave you and your family vulnerable. Things that may render your fence no longer functional could be lighting, vandalism, power surges or overgrown plants.

Electric Fencing

Alarm System and CCTV

When CCTV is incorporated as part of a security system, it doesn’t only detect crime, but helps keep you and your family safe. A security system doesn’t include just security cameras, but other key security features, like door or window sensors, heat and smoke detectors, flood sensors and so forth. Installing an effective alarm and cctv system will help one to identify criminals as well as immediately alert the necessary emergency services of the crime taking places

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