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    DM Security Systems

    Looking for reliable gate motor repairs and installations in Pretoria? Look no further than DM Security Systems! Our trusted security company has many years of experience in the industry, providing emergency repair services and ensuring your gate motor is functioning optimally.

    Gate Motor Repairs

    DM Security Systems is a leading gate motor repairs company in Pretoria, with a wealth of experience in installations, services and repairs. We understand the importance of gate motors in securing your property in South Africa, and offer prompt repairs, replacements and installations to ensure your security is not compromised.

    A malfunctioning gate motor can pose a serious security risk to you and your family. Our professional team is well-equipped to handle gate motor repairs for almost every brand. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote and ensure that your gate motor is functioning optimally.

    Do You Urgently Need a Gate Motor Repaired?

    If your gate motor has stopped working, contact us for prompt and professional emergency repairs or replacements. We understand that gate motors are a high commodity in the illegal trade and offer anti-theft devices to keep your property secure.

    Some Brands We Work With

    We work with reputable and trusted brands and products. This ensures that you get longevity out of your motors and the gates moving. We work with sliding gate motors with repairs, installation and services.

    We work with any brand of motor that you want.

    • Centurion D2
    • Centurion D5
    • Centurion D10
    • ET systems
    • Hansa
    • Dace Sprint 500
    • DTS
    • Germin

    All our motors come with a one-year warranty. You can trust us for a professional installation and more.

    Extra Services Provided:

    In addition to gate motor repairs and installations, we offer anti-theft devices and emergency gate motor repairs and replacements to provide peace of mind for you and your family.


    Look at the tips below to keep your gate motor running efficiently and smoothly.

    • Check your gate motor regularly.
    • Oil the gate wheels.
    • Clean out any leaves or dirt from the track.
    • Replace any parts that are damaged as soon as possible.
    • Replace the gate motor battery if it is not running properly.

    Keeping your gate motor clean and maintained with regular maintenance can avoid costly repairs or replacements at a later stage.

    Invest in an Anti-Theft Gate Motor Bracket

    Protect your family and prevent intruders from accessing your property with an anti-theft gate motor bracket. Our brackets are easily maintained and provide an added layer of security to your gate motor.

    New Gate Motors and Installations

    We offer affordable prices on new gate motors and installations in Pretoria. Contact us today for a quote and ensure your gate motor is functioning optimally.

    We Offer a Variety of Gate Motor Products:

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