In this article, we’ll cover a few of the most important steps to take to ensure your home is safe while you’re away so that you are sure your home is safe while you are on a relaxing trip away.

Preparing your home for security while on vacation

You should prepare your home for security while you’re on vacation, so it doesn’t look abandoned or deserted. For starters, you should double-check all locks. Make sure your home security system is armed, and if you have a dog, you should place a “beware of dog” sign outside the door. You should also be sure that the windows are locked, and keep social media postings to a minimum until your safe return. You can hire a neighbor to pick up your mail while you are away. These small measures can help keep your home secure, and will make it appear as though you’re at home. Using motion-activated outdoor lights and programmable timers for lights will also protect your home and prevent any possible mishaps while you’re away.

Using a video doorbell system

Using a video doorbell system to protect your home while you are away can provide a peace of mind while you are away. Not only does a video doorbell system let you know when someone knocks on your door, but it can also help deter vandals. Before you install a video doorbell system, be sure to check the local ordinances for installation of cameras. In some areas, this will not be permitted. Fortunately, there are dummy cameras available that will look legitimate and will not intrude.

If you are using a video doorbell system to protect your home while you are away, notify a trusted neighbour or friend of your absence. They may be keeping an eye on your property while you are away. If your neighbors know you are out of town, they will likely be more diligent about watching your home, particularly if they see it’s empty. They can also leave your contact information with a neighbor if they are not sure you’ll be away.

Suspending mail and newspaper delivery

If your neighbour is not able to collect your mail, suspending mail and newspaper deliveries will help you avoid the hassle of missed mail. It is best to suspend the papers a week before your vacation. Leaving piles of papers out on your doorstep will signal to burglars that you are not home. If you cannot stop the delivery yourself, you can call the newspaper company and ask them to suspend your paper deliveries for the duration of your vacation.

Using a security alarm system, an electric fence and an anti-theft gate motor bracket

Using a security alarm system as well as an electric fence while on holiday is a smart move, as it provides you peace of mind. By arming the system before leaving, you won’t have to worry about anything while you’re gone. If something happens, you’ll be notified immediately. You can also instruct a temporary user to arm the system for you. Besides having a home security system installed, you should also use it to monitor your property. This can be done through video surveillance or home automation. Some security systems also have mobile applications, which can help you control other aspects of your home. It is also advisable to use an anti-theft bracket on your gate motor to prevent your gate motor from being stolen and potentially causing a break-in.

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