We live in a country that at times can be quite dangerous. We always need to be vigilant and install the best security systems possible but it all starts with your gate. Let’s talk about why having a motorized gate is more beneficial to your family’s safety than a manual one.

A manual gate puts you more at risk for a few reasons, you or a family member has to go out and open the gate and close it again, this gives criminals ample opportunity to attack you and gain access to your home. This is especially dangerous at night. Often you would have to lock the gate yourself which always delays the time for you to get into your car or home. Locks are also not the best safety measure as they can be broken open.

An automated gate gives you that extra bit of security. You don’t have to leave your vehicle to open or close the gate and once you are in or out of your home it closes right behind you so criminals don’t have time to get in. An automated gate is harder to move or get into if you don’t have a remote. Each gate can be set to your family’s needs and what you want for safety.

Automated gates do require maintenance but we have you covered from the change over to automated and all your maintenance needs. We also offer emergency repair services for your automated gate. We have your back when it comes to your family’s safety.

One way to keep your gate in excellent working condition is to keep the surroundings around your gate neat and clean, don’t allow any plants to grow over your gate or on the rail. Check all the moving parts regularly and make sure they are well lubricated.

We highly recommend you change over from a manual system to an automated system. Give us a call or send us an email and we will gladly come out and give you a quote and advice.