Centurion Gate Sensor Beams


Experience effortless safety with CENTURION’s Photon II infrared gate safety beam featuring a wireless transmitter. Say goodbye to complicated installations and tunnelling under the driveway. Photon II offers a quick and easy solution, allowing you to achieve a secure automation system with ease. Simply align and attach the beam, and you’re ready to go. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that wireless technology brings to your gate safety.

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The Centurion Gate Sensor Beams are a crucial component for enhancing the safety and security of your gate system. Designed by Centurion Systems, a trusted brand in gate automation, these sensor beams provide reliable detection and protection.

With their advanced infrared technology, the Centurion Gate Sensor Beams create an invisible barrier across the gate opening. They detect any obstructions or movement within the designated area, triggering an immediate response to prevent accidents or unauthorized access.

These sensor beams are easy to install and adjust, ensuring precise detection and optimal performance. They are weather-resistant and built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor gate applications.

Invest in the Centurion Gate Sensor Beams and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your gate system is equipped with a reliable and effective safety feature. Protect your property, prevent accidents, and maintain control over access to your premises with these trusted sensor beams.


  • The transmitter is wireless and battery-operated saving time and money.
  • Two-year battery life using two AA Alkaline batteries (included).
  • Thirty-metre operating range – ideal for almost any entrance gate.
  • Fully ant-proof and weather-resistant enclosure for greater reliability.
  • The transmitter provides audible feedback for easy setup and battery-low indication.
  • Low power consumption throughout the system for greater efficiency.
  • Installer Mode with audible feedback makes alignment a dream.
  • Elegant slimline construction – only 50mm wide.
  • Compatible with Intruder-detection Alarms for enhanced perimeter security3.